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American Samoa Colombia Kuwait  Russian Federation
APO/FPO Costa Rica Lebanon Saint Kitts and Nevis
Argentina Croatia Macau Saudi Arabia
Aruba Djibouti Malaysia Singapore
Australia Dominica Marshall Islands South Africa
Bahamas Dominican Republic Martinique South Korea
Bahrain Ecuador  Mauritius Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Egypt Mexico Taiwan
Barbados El Salvador Micronesia Thailand
Belize French Polynesia New Zealand Trinidad and Tobago
Bermuda Greenland Nicaragua Tunisia
Bolivia Grenada Northern Mariana Islands Turkey
Bosnia and Herzegovina Guam Oman Ukraine
Brazil Guatemala Pakistan  United Arab Emirates
British Virgin Islands Honduras Palau United States
Brunei Hong Kong Panama Uruguay
Canada Iceland Papua New Guinea US Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands India Paraguay Venezuela
Chile Indonesia  Peru  
China Israel Philippines  
Christmas Islands Jamaica Puerto Rico  
Cocos Islands Japan Qatar   

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